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Big Data Integration Platform from Kapow

Kapow Software has released Enterprise 9.2 Big Data Integration Platform. Available by subscription, Kapow Enterprise 9.2 delivers hard-to-mine business insights, allowing organizations to rapidly respond to market changes and competitor moves, improve the customer experience, protect brands and help build a data-driven culture.

Enterprise 9.2 is said to permit companies to integrate any cloud or on-premise data source with business logic intact using Kapow’s software robots and Synthetic APIs. Once the critical data is found and surgically extracted, says Kapow, Enterprise 9.2 delivers information in an easily digestible format called Kapplets through an enterprise app library called the Kapow KappZone. Further, thousands of software collection robots can be activated at once to service big data integration needs across departments.

Kapow says Enterprise 9.2 allows organizations to:

  • monitor and rapidly respond to competitor pricing,
  • increase sales team effectiveness and speed up sales cycles,
  • increase marketing ROI,
  • improve customer experience,
  • generate more leads or lower the cost per lead, and
  • protect intellectual property.

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