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Bettering best practices

Designed to help professional service organizations harvest and market their knowledge, Infinos 4.0 from Cerebyte allows companies to create a privately labeled "digital expert," which delivers the firms’ accumulated best practices as an additional product.

Cerebyte explains its software conducts a specialized interview based upon the “naive newcomer” concept that lets experts harvest their knowledge and polish it into best practices, which are then stored in an archive. When inexperienced people need to perform the function, they recall the best practice from the archive and are "coached" through performing the function as though the human expert is with them.

The company says this process is embodied in its Infinos product and can be then integrated with the company's personally delivered services and sold to both existing and prospective customers.

New features in Infinos 4.0 include:

  • expanded storytelling capability as the basis for capturing best practices;

  • increased guidance in the use of “second reader” capability to apply the best practices to specific environments;

  • greater functionality to privately label and customize the software for enhanced branding;

  • enhanced functionality and services to ensure effective monitoring and control of best practice applications; and

  • introduction of a basic model of the software that is designed to extend the replication of best practices.

Infinos pricing is done on a royalty basis, using both fixed royalties--$1,500 for the Professional Model and $500 for the Basic Model, declining with volume--or a variable percentage of either gross or net, depending on the expert market.

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