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Benefiting from Captiva

EMC Captiva  has announced InputAccel for EOBs (explanation of benefits), a new document capture software solution engineered to help healthcare providers streamline and accelerate the processing of explanation of benefit (EOB) forms, reduce errors and the amount of manual intervention typically required to process them, and recover medical procedure revenues otherwise left unclaimed.

Built on EMC Captiva InputAccel, the company says, the new offering transforms paper EOBs into digital images from which critical data is automatically extracted, validated and delivered into revenue cycle management (RCM) and other back-end systems to facilitate faster reconciliation. The solution employs forms processing and intelligent document recognition technologies to classify incoming documents and from them, immediately extract and export information such as EOB date, remit date, claim number, total charge and tabular line item detail. InputAccel processes all types of EOB statements, including single page and single account types.

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