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Archive management for Microsoft e-mail

Sherpa Software has released the latest version of its archiving solution for Exchange. Sherpa reports it is built on a new distributed architecture, enhancing the product’s stability and scalability. The new offering also delivers enhanced e-mail management tools for Microsoft Outlook users, including a redesigned search view combining message details and folder navigation into a single view.

Sherpa reports the software’s new Hub Service capability coordinates requests between the console database and other service components. Further, the Archive Service capability updates indexes and manages writing to, or reading from, archive locations. The new Exchange Service interfaces with Exchange Server mailboxes to select messages for archiving based on policy specifications.

The company explains the Hub Service acts as a conduit for all data transfer to and from the Exchange mailboxes--with a dedicated archive service to manage and update all archive storage locations. For customers with distributed environments, an Exchange and Archive service can be installed at each location. Tighter integration with Active Directory allows for automatic updates, keeping Archive Attender in synch with any changes made to Active Directory, according to Sherpa Software.

Archive Attender’s previous XML file structure has been replaced with a Microsoft SQL Server database that stores information about users. Other features include flexible console views that allow users to be included in multiple views simultaneously. Additionally, the user search view to archived messages now launches in a Web browser, rather than Outlook, providing both folder and message-level data on one screen.

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