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Allegria releases new viewing/markup software

Allegria Software has released a new version of its ForReview viewing and markup software. ForReview Version 4.0 includes ECO checking, speedier performance, direct Internet access, support for Office 97 documents and Model Interface (ME/MI 10/30) file formats, and improved support for Postscript and PDF files. Other features include improved bookmarks and side-by-side compare, and new features for scale to gray, print preview, drag-and-drop for markup files, and the ability to open multiple file selections. PDM integrations have been updated to include Documentum, PC DOCS' DOCS Open and Matrix. The addition of an ECO checking feature adds "one more step in making view and markup an integral part of the engineering life cycle process," according to Allegria president Robert Bruns. ForReview works on Windows 95 and NT; pricing starts at $149.

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