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Advancing analytics

Attensity has unveiled Version 2.0 of its popular text analytics software, which discovers facts and relationships mined from text through the company's Exhaustive Extraction engine, which automatically and rapidly extracts unstructured data into rows and columns for analysis.

The company explains Attensity Analytics 2.0 includes a completely redesigned interface for drilling down and visualizing unstructured data in combination with the structured data. Within the application, users now can create and share queries or reports directly from the application to save time and improve collaboration, says Attensity, adding that the program can quickly count the frequency of a particular issue revealed right in the text, which can then be sorted into categories for analysis.

With a new "fact co-occurrence" feature, users in the application's growing corporate and government customer base can find facts that identify an issue with a group of customers and then search for other facts occurring within that group. This allows users to delve deeper into their business issues to understand root causes typically hidden in customer service and repair notes, e-mails, feedback surveys and other text-based sources.

The application is available as a hosted or installed application, and includes support for the Teradata platform in addition to other platforms and databases already released.

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