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AIIM focuses on imaging advances

Datacap (Tarrytown, NY, showed its latest release of Paper Keyboard 97, a 32-bit version of data and image capture software at the AIIM show and conference. The scaleable solution includes a full OLE automation interface and multiple ICR and OCR engines, shipped as standard capabilities. Paper Keyboard 97 applications consists of software for production-level document scanning, automated data recognition and data verification.

MicroSystems Technology (MTI, Tampa, FL, released Version 2.2 of OCR for FORMS. Advanced ASCII Controls enable users to define templates for remittance forms to identify what fields of information should be extracted. Operating within the Windows environment, the forms processing product expands the range of forms that can be processed and promises to do so with greater speed and a higher rate of accuracy.

Kofax (Irvine, CA, featured its line of hardware accelerators including the KF-9275 Advanced Image Processing Accelerator and its Adrenaline software engine family. The Adrenaline Retrieval Engine provides rapid image viewing and printing capabilities and the Adrenaline Capture Engine features software-based scanning and importing capabilities, image viewing and printing features. Combining the features of these two products, the Adrenaline Image Processing Engine also supports advanced image processing including bar code recognition, forms recognition and image clean-up.

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