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A platform with a purpose

Endeca has introduced Version 5 of its Information Access Platform, which, the company says, introduces a wide range of new capabilities designed to speed information discovery and analysis. Capabilities in the offering make it possible to rapidly deploy new classes of rich information access applications that integrate search, guided navigation, ad hoc analysis and text analytics capabilities together into a single, interactive user experience, reports Endeca.

Endeca highlights the following new features and enhancements in IAP 5.0:

Relationship discovery--New, interactive text analytics capabilities enhance the Endeca IAP's search, guided navigation, analysis and context-sensitive presentation capabilities to speed information discovery.

Extended enterprise integration--Out-of-the box adapters complement the IAP's integration capabilities to speed application development, simplify integration with key enterprise infrastructure and reduce total cost of ownership.

Business control--New features add to the platform's Web-based management suite to put business users in control of Endeca applications, eliminating dependence on IT and application developers while ensuring that information access applications adapt to evolving business goals.

New workflow capabilities--Application controls are extended to large business teams, while giving business managers and site owners new editorial control and sign off on all application modifications.

Web-based relevance ranking evaluator--Gives Endeca owners the ability to understand the impact of different relevancy ranking strategies and quickly respond to changing business needs.

Granular permissions--New capabilities deliver enhanced security and give Endeca owners new abilities to manage who has control over specific areas of information access applications.

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