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A how-to search engine

Howdoya has launched, the Internet’s first how-to search engine. is said to offer a comprehensive and relevant search experience for people looking to find how-to expertise across all Internet content, including the growing number of video and text how-to content Web sites.

HowDoYa was built from the ground up using technology from Contextware to deliver answers on how to do just about anything in mind. Users of the search engine are prompted in several ways to refine their initial query, leading to better results. HowDoYa also uses natural language technology and linguistic methods to provide suggestions on how to further refine and investigate results of the initial how-to query.

Advertisers at can buy words and concepts directly related to how-to queries, not just the keywords included in the search. They can also specify the exact definition of the words they want to purchase. For example, the New York City tourism department can buy one meaning of Manhattan, while a bartending school can buy a different definition, with each advertiser's ad showing only in the right context (visit Manhattan vs. mix a manhattan).

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