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A complete suite for business documents

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Symtrax has unveiled Version 5 of its Compleo Suite, a certified output management solution for developing, enhancing, automatically distributing, sorting and archiving business documents.

Symtrax reports it has developed a Web-based console interface to complement the current client-server architecture. Also new functionalities have been added to Compleo Supervisor (backup and synchronization) and Compleo Layout (formatting).

Web console gives customers, suppliers, etc., the ability to insert their documents (purchase orders, invoices, etc.) into an organization’s document flow process. Additionally with Compleo 5, should the production system stop, a new Compleo Supervisor takes over automatically through one of its backups, providing the company the security to know invoice billing and shipping documents will continue without interruption. Further, with the new synchronization function, the administrator can now easily manage two or more Supervisors that are automatically kept synchronized.

Finally, Compleo Layout now accepts new input formats (TXT and Spool fragments, in addition to PDF and spool) and a new barcode format (QR Codes) is available. Compleo 5 also provides the ability to move spools archived on a Windows computer to an IBM system.

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