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A boost for B2B marketers

Seismic has intoduced a new version of its sales enablement platform, which is designed to enhance marketing teams’ visibility into how their content supports sales interactions at the bottom of the sales funnel. The new features are said to increase win rates for B2B enterprise sales organizations, shorten sales cycles and increase customer retention.

New features in Seismic’s platform give marketing teams the ability to measure and analyze how a company’s prospects interact with content sent by sales reps. Seismic enables sales teams to create, maintain and generate customized, compliant materials from anywhere on any device.

Key benefits and capabilities of the new Seismic platform include:

  • content analytics—marketers have a holistic view into what content is most effective in the field, enabling them to create valuable content in an informed environment;
  • content creation tools—task and workflow features allow marketers to quickly deliver on content creation goals by creating team and individual tasks;
  • LiveSend capability—allows both inside and outside sales reps to be notified when prospects view content and can even see time spent on each page of an attachment, insight into how prospects interact with content, invaluable information for follow-up conversations and new insights into what material is most effective; and
  • LiveShare content sharing—users can begin a screen share in seconds by using LiveShare to quickly and easily share content with prospects to increase engagement, drive higher win rates and capture analytics about what content is used most frequently.

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