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WCM and text mining for leisure activites

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The French company Relaxnews has selected software from Nstein to launch a worldwide information system for leisure activities. The company is deploying Nstein’s Web content management (WCM) and text mining engine (TME) solutions.

In a partnership with the Agence France Presse, Relaxnews is initiating the international network under the "Relaxnews" banner. The company already operates a leisure activity newswire in France called "Relaxfil."

"We were looking for an open, flexible platform that would allow us to support an approach focused on the user and the community," says Mathieu Bully, technical director at Relaxnews. "Nstein’s WCM platform will give us this flexibility, as well as offering automatic semantic tagging of the content, which will be key to optimizing the experience of our users and the relevance of the proposed content. Text mining will also play an important part in classifying information accurately, and this way simplify the export and syndication of our content."

By relying on WCM’s open source approach and by using the business features included in the product version, Relaxnews was able to handle the system in house. The solution delivers innovative content and an enhanced user experience, Nstein reports in a recent press release. Text mining capabilities allow intelligent management of the content, the company adds.

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