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March Madness and KM

The Gonzaga University basketball program had experienced such success over the years that its educational Web site had fallen to the second page of search engine results. So, to improve its search engine rankings and better manage its Web content, the university in 2005 enlisted the help of Hannon Hill's Web content management (WCM) software. Within a week, the university saw its rankings rise to the top of the first page, where they have stayed since.

"Our search rankings were really a problem," says Paul Edminster, Web services manager for Gonzaga, "because our old CMS dynamically delivered content, rather than publishing flat files to the Web server. Another key advantage to [Hannon Hill's] Cascade Server is the ability to publish and manage multiple sites of differing technologies."

Gonzaga, which has now made it to the National Collegiate Athletic Association's basketball championship playoffs nine years in a row, is one of several of Hannon Hill's higher education clients that were involved in this year's NCAA playoffs.

"While we can't help clients' basketball teams perform in the game," jokes David Cummings, Hannon Hill president, "we can help schools competing in March Madness tournaments to more easily manage their Web content for up-to-the-minute updates on team wins and losses."

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