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DOCS restructuring takes a vertical slant

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In a move to recapture market momentum and leverage its strengths, document management leader PC DOCS/Fulcrum is refocusing its business on a vertical market strategy.

The breakdown, to be formally announced at the organization's PowerSummit starting February 13, follows the line of DOCS vertical business, addressing professional services (including legal), financial services, manufacturing, government, OEM and ISO markets.

The restructuring evolves from DOCS' Industry Solutions Groups which were established in 1997.

A vertical market focus will enable PC DOCS/Fulcrum to more quickly anticipate customer needs and solidify its leadership position in the business-process-centric EDM and KM markets, according to PC DOCS president Craig Wallace.

The new focus applies internally as well, said marketing VP Michael O'Connor Clarke; rather than focusing on regional breakdowns for units, the company will focus on the market strengths of its employees.

Clarke pointed to an existing case where an employee in the southeastern United States has delivered multiple sales in manufacturing.

"Is that because there is so much manufacturing in the Southeast? No, he's just a genius as selling to manufacturing organizations," said Clarke, adding that the sales rep will likely head up manufacturing initiatives.

PC DOCS/Fulcrum will name the business unit leaders immediately following this weekend's PowerSummit. The company plans to have the restructuring complete by the start of its new fiscal year on July 1.

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