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Who knows whom and what

This article appears in the issue May 2004 [Volume 13, Issue 5]

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Tacit has released ActiveNet 2.0, enterprise software solution that combines automated expertise sharing and relationship networking in a single solution.

ActiveNet 2.0 monitors daily business activity in an automated and self-sustaining way, thereby uncovering opportunities to get work done faster by leveraging the knowledge, expertise and business relationships that already exist within an organization, says Tacit. The company explains that employees can simply initiate a search within the Tacit system about particular topics with which they are seeking assistance, enabling ActiveNet to broker the contact between employees to ensure that communication is efficient and convenient to all.

Further, Tacit claims, the offering doesn't require extensive upkeep from either system administrators or employees, so the solution avoids the pitfalls that have plagued knowledge sharing systems in the past. Finally, the company claims, ActiveNet encourages employee participation because it fits unobtrusively within each employee's daily workflow, ensures their privacy and confidentiality, and helps them get work done faster

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