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TheBrain gets bigger

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TheBrain Technologies, developer of sophisticated mind mapping software, has announced its newest release, PersonalBrain 4.5, a complimentary upgrade for all PersonalBrain 4.0 users. PersonalBrain 4.5 helps people mind map their "thoughts," ideas and information with new visualization, searching and editing features. Further, a new, robust and more powerful database backend sets no limits to the number of "thoughts" and files that can be connected and accessed.

The company reports that additional new features include:

  • increased performance--all operations are now faster, from loading to creating information, and navigation is up to 30 times faster;
  • advanced search and indexing--Version 4.5 includes powerful search that lets users shift focus to anything that comes to mind in seconds;
  • improved distant thought view--the software's display engine makes it a powerful visualization tool for concept and mind mapping;
  • merging Brains and copying thoughts--users can now easily merge the contents of one Brain into another and use sophisticated copying functions to leverage a set of thoughts and relationships in different contexts;
  • Excel and Word relationship import--information structures from Word, Excel and other applications can now be imported into PersonalBrain; and
  • complete undo and redo editing--PersonalBrain’s drag-and-relate technology lets users create and link numerous ideas and thoughts in seconds, and if a change is made and then reconsidered, the multiple-level undo buffer makes going back a one-step process.
PersonalBrain 4 is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Linux and Mac OS X.

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