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KnowledgeLake, Ron Cameron, CEO: View From the Top

This article appears in the issue March 2013 (100 Companies) [Vol 22, Issue 3]

As the market leader in Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, KnowledgeLake is 100% focused on creating innovative solutions that extend the capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint.

To compete and thrive in today's highly competitive and regulated industries, organizations need effective and cost-efficient ways to securely capture, exchange and manage the information generated and contained in paper and electronic documents. KnowledgeLake provides an affordable, platform-based solution for managing an organization's enterprise information within SharePoint. Most importantly, KnowledgeLake is fully integrated with SharePoint, making it a user-friendly, low-risk and cost-effective solution.

KnowledgeLake's award-winning suite of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions includes:

  • KnowledgeLake's Capture: A single, comprehensive solution for managing the scanning and capture of enterprise content using the Microsoft SharePoint platform.
  • KnowledgeLake Imaging: A server-side product that extends the ECM capabilities of SharePoint; providing a solution for searching, viewing, securing, annotating and routing a company's mission critical content.
  • KnowledgeLake Unify: Surfaces SharePoint content to business applications to enable users to search, reference and archive documents in SharePoint without leaving familiar business applications.
  • KnowledgeLake Connect: Work in SharePoint without the web browser. Explore, upload, search and view SharePoint content from a single, easy-to-use desktop application.

KnowledgeLake has provided solutions to a wide variety of industries and a wide range of customers from around the globe. Visit our Case Studies page to learn more about our customers and their success.

For more information on KnowledgeLake document management solutions for SharePoint, visit:

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