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Trend-Setting Product of 2017: Access Innovations, Inc.: Data Harmony 3.12

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Updates in Data Harmony version 3.12 mark major advancements for the XIS application, including major revisions to how XIS handles updates and which terms are searchable. In the XML Intranet System (XIS™), users can now import from .xml, .xls, and .xlsx files, search within double quotes, and automatically index documents on import. Thesaurus Master™ has a new “SKOS Atypon” export for users on that platform, an API to return the thesaurus in JSON format, and facet or text field values are now inheritable for descendant terms. Usability enhancements include resizing the login box for large font sizes in all modules and a scroll bar for displaying long rules in MAIstro™. Administrative features for tracking, monitoring, and reporting were also added.

Access Innovations, Inc.
4725 Indian School Road NE?
Suite 100?Albuquerque, NM 87110

PH: 505.998.0800
FAX: 505.256.1080


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