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The Universe of Search: Nexidia

This article appears in the issue April 2006 [Volume 15, Issue 4]

Nexidia is a leading provider of highly scalable, highly accurate rich media search and speech analytics software. By transforming audio video data into business intelligence, Nexidia allows both government and commercial enterprises, in industries such as Healthcare, Insurance, Financial Services, Media Creation and Aggregation, Telecommunications and Outsourcing, to leverage untapped information previously locked away in audio-video content. Based on years of research and development, Nexidia's phonetic engine is the only technology that allows the user to search on proper names, places, industry terms and jargon without extensive training and cumbersome dictionaries. The process is adaptable to a range of audio analyses and excels across the full spectrum of audio quality.

The Nexidia product portfolio is comprised of Nexidia Enterprise Speech Intelligence (ESI) for Contact Centers; Nexidia Developer Edition for the creation of Rich Media Search applications and Nexidia Software Development Kit, a technology that gives organizations the ability to manage their audio assets. Today Nexidia supports 19 languages and a suite of audio detector features such as language identification and music & silence detection. Nexidia's proven technology is a fundamentally different approach and is the only audio-video search solution that can answer the market demand for a highly scalable and accurate solution.

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