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Take an active role in the KM market as a KMC member

This article appears in the issue October 1998 [Volume 7, Issue 11]

The first meeting of the Knowledge Management Consortium (KMC) will take place during KMExpo '98. Presentations will focus on the KMC's efforts to create an Enterprise Model for knowledge management. Membership recruitment will be emphasized in the KMC booth and meeting areas.

Non-members will have an opportunity to review and comment on the KMC's model on Thursday, Oct. 15, when the latest revision is made public.

The KMC has identified the overall Enterprise Model task as comprising four separate models: the High-Level KM Model (to be unveiled at KMExpo '98), a New Product Development Model, a Service Model and a BPR Model.

Participants in the KM industry should consider membership in the KMC as their opportunity to help guide the direction and form the infrastructure of this emerging marketplace. For information, go to To become a KMC member, visit the booth at KMExpo '98.

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