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KMWorld Hall of Distinction 2012: Rivet Logic

This article appears in the issue May 2012, [Volume 21, Issue 5]

Adapting to the Social Age Through Open Source Agility

The content management landscape has evolved along with the proliferation of social media and mobile devices, and the Web itself has become an interactive environment for users to engage, collaborate and share information. It's no longer just about managing content, but also about creating an engaging customer experience, enabling workforce collaboration, and leveraging social technologies to achieve maximum impact. Organizations need to consider all aspects of content management-collaborative document management, Web content management, enterprise social networking, portals and intranets, B2B sites-and take a more agile approach towards the challenges and opportunities presented by the social age.

Web Experience Management (WEM)—The Web has evolved into a dynamic environment where users are constantly sharing information and collaborating in real-time, and do so through multiple online digital channels. As a result, creating engaging and consistent user experiences across all channels has become imperative. Traditional Web content management is no longer sufficient; instead, leading enterprises implement WEM solutions that support multi-channel publishing, integrated analytics, marketing support, social media integration, and native mobile application support.

Social Business—Social software has become an important aspect of how we conduct business in today's world. Social business can be enabled by social technologies that improve collaboration and customer engagement.  However, social software will generate large amounts of unmanaged content if left unchecked. What most enterprises struggle with is balancing the need for collaboration and productivity on one hand, and management, control, and governance on the other hand.  To resolve this challenge, leading enterprises implement social content management, where all social content is automatically stored in a content repository for reuse, repurposing, and value creation.

Mobile—Your audience, from customers to employees, is using a smartphone or tablet or other mobile device to access your content-rich applications.  Extending WEM and Social Business software for mobile creates the need for native-like applications without sacrificing features and performance.  Leading enterprises take a hybrid approach-building native applications where performance and features are paramount, and HTML5-based device-independent applications elsewhere. In all cases, however, a content-managed mobile application framework enables the business to develop and deploy mobile apps most rapidly and cost effectively.

Open Source—As the social age continues to evolve with the emergence of new technologies and trends, content-centric solutions must be flexible enough to adapt to the change. Leading organizations find commercial open source solutions attractive for a variety of reasons-flexibility and agility, open standards, and cost savings-to name a few. Open source ensures zero up-front licensing fees, no forced upgrades and no vendor lock-in. And as open source software has matured over the years, enterprises are starting to realize additional benefits, including quality, reliability, speed, increased innovation, and shorter development times.

Rivet Logic is honored to be recognized as an industry leader in driving successful enterprise adoption of open source software. We provide solutions and consulting services that enable organizations to fully leverage the power of leading open source software such as Alfresco, Liferay, and Apache Solr. With deep expertise in these best-of-breed platforms, Rivet Logic crafts content-rich solutions that power next-generation Web properties, social business applications and collaborative communities.

Rivet Logic Corporation
11410 Isaac Newton Square North, Suite 210
Reston VA 20190

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