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ECM: Open Text ECM Suite

This article appears in the issue June 2009, [Vol 18, Issue 6]

People are the greatest asset to an organization. The social foundation of trust and teamwork binds people together and connects them with the processes and content they need to flourish.

The world of work is changing. Disruptive forces are compelling organizations to rethink traditional content-laden communications and the definition of an information worker. We must address these disruptive forces to stay competitive, deliver services, manage risk and costs, and protect the corporate memory resident in employees and applications.

With the Open Text ECM Suite, organizations can bloom by nurturing a Social Workplace and Social Marketplace. Setting goals and measurable objectives for your Enterprise 2.0 initiative is critical to successful implementation and for navigating change management challenges. The demands of this uncertain and competitive world mean adaptation, strong networks, and creativity.

Open Text sees the future of content and is ready to deliver. Our vision is ready to bloom. Is yours?

Open Text
275 Frank Tompa Drive
Waterloo, Ontario
Canada, N2L 0A1

North America: 1-800-499-6544
International: +800-4996-5440

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