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BPM Solutions: Appian

This article appears in the issue January 2006 [Volume 15, Issue 1]

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Appian is the first business process management (BPM) company to deliver advanced process, knowledge management, and analytics functionality in a comprehensive suite. Appian Enterprise BPM Suite provides a full-featured, web-based platform for building, orchestrating, and optimizing business solutions across the extended enterprise.

Appian's award-winning software and solutions align business strategy with execution to deliver greater visibility and control over critical business processes. Built on a service-oriented architecture (SOA) and featuring the industry's only 100% HTML process modeler, Appian Enterprise facilitates the creation of dynamic, next-generation, process-driven composite applications and solutions.

Appian's customers include Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations. For more information, please visit (

Appian Corporation
8000 Towers Crescent Dr.
16th Floor Vienna VA 22182
Phone: 703.442.8844
Fax: 703.442.8919

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