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This article appears in the issue March 2009 (100 Companies) [Volume 18, Issue 3]

The NextPage Product Suite addresses information risk by enforcing policies on documents everywhere in an organization. To accomplish this, it begins tracking documents and their classifications from the moment they are created—and continues tracking them throughout their complete lifecycles.

In virtually every organization, documents originate in many different ways, and then morph and proliferate throughout the organization. They typically migrate through users’ hard drives, email inboxes, network drives, removable drives, and document repositories such as Microsoft® SharePoint®. Unlike conventional centralized repositories, NextPage tracks relationships between copies and versions of these documents throughout this process of scattering and gathering. As a result, it can pervasively apply highly targeted, rule-based actions to documents no matter where they’re located.

Enterprises can combine these actions into policies that perfectly match their specific needs for improving compliance and reducing risk. For more information please visit .

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