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KMWorld Hall of Fame 2010:
A decade of distinction

This article appears in the issue May 2010, [Volume 19, Issue 5]
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Each year KMWorld editors review the previous year and decide which companies deserve special distinction as either innovators, or trusted advisers, or significant powerhouses. Some of them eventually move from “emergent” to “venerable.”

So, for 10 years, KMWorld has singled out the “100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management.” A select group has consistently earned that distinction since the beginning. These organizations fall into the “venerable” category. They are this year’s “KMWorld Hall of Fame.”


Understanding the intersection of “infrastructure” and content.


Raising the bar from “content search” to “content meaning.” And value.


Adding intelligence to content search, efficiency to capture.

Computer Associates

Always where processes, culture and technology meet.


Staying true to supporting the customer experience.


From storage to content management, always in a progressive position.


Expanding the conversation between structured and unstructured information access.

Global 360

Understanding that processes drive the business.


Expanding the platform to meet the knowledge worker.

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