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Customer Relationship Management

Customers are increasingly impatient with cumbersome purchase processes or unresponsive service... Posted February 01, 2012

iPerceptions adds instant Concept Clouds feedback Posted January 23, 2012

AvePoint releases DocAve 6 Posted January 18, 2012

Hardware and software system Posted January 11, 2012

Service Suite extends SAP CRM Posted January 11, 2012

Adds to computing management capabilities Posted January 09, 2012

eGain 10 designed for medium-sized businesses Posted December 21, 2011

Posted December 21, 2011

Posted October 29, 2011

Complementary cloud capabilities for customers Posted October 26, 2011

Deal expands value of unstructured data Posted October 20, 2011

Social computing has fundamentally changed the way people share and consume information—ultimately boosting productivity and innovation. Through the use of Microsoft SharePoint and social technologies, business conversations are now occurring in transparent work streams, enabling connections and dialogues to happen more expediently—and in some cases to occur under serendipitous circumstances that might never have occurred. . . . Posted October 16, 2011

Of closets and stores... In the words of a leading analyst I talked to recently, content management is a bit like an organized information closet. It provides a way to create and store documents, HTML pages and other types of content. It includes things like version tracking and approval processes. It tags and classifies information, often grouping knowledge by domain. All in all, it provides a cost-effective way to create and organize information. . . . Posted October 16, 2011

My trip up the learning curve for SharePoint is practically Sisyphean. Every time I think I've got my head wrapped around it, I find out... not quite, buster. Not the using of SharePoint—that's easy as pie. It's everything else that my former boss would have called "the surround stuff". . . . Posted October 16, 2011

Lagan unveils new suite which helps customers to harness the power of the many smart phone, Web and social media applications.. Posted October 12, 2011

New Service Case Manager capabilities Posted September 21, 2011

Posted September 01, 2011

Also announces acquisitions for migration and security Posted August 23, 2011

Unleashes AIE XT Modules Posted August 22, 2011

Text extraction for customer experience management Posted August 22, 2011

Secure form-filling assistance Posted August 18, 2011

Secure form-filling assistance Posted August 15, 2011

Boosts agent-assisted and Web self-service capabilities Posted August 01, 2011

Celebrating KM Promise and KM Reality Posted July 28, 2011

Posted July 06, 2011

Designing a business process management (BPM) application to address your organization's document processing challenges can be overwhelming. Using a "case management" construct as an organizing principle can often simplify the challenges associated with complex decision-intensive processes. The theory and practice of case management can be applied to every industry. . . . Posted July 05, 2011

Providing customer service used to be easy-customers showed up at your door or called you on the phone. But the explosion of channels has changed service delivery as customers now live a multi-channel life and easily shift from self-service, to the phone, email, chat, IVRs, store visits and kiosks to get help. . . . Posted July 05, 2011

The "customer experience" is the sum of all the interactions that a customer has with your company. It defines your company in terms of how easy or difficult it is to do business with, the quality of its products and services, and whether or not it cares about its customers. Ultimately, the customer experience determines how long customers will continue to do business with your company. . . . Posted July 05, 2011

People naturally want to share what they know. Customer service and support teams share knowledge every day, with email, shared drives, instant messaging and by just popping their head over a coworker's cubicle. Best practices like knowledge-centered support (KCS) make knowledge sharing a simple and effective part of the job. So, doing knowledge management right should be easy... but it's not. . . . Posted July 05, 2011

Customer service has emerged as one of the few remaining differentiators that businesses can sustain over time. Companies that are winning in this environment provide "stand-out" customer service by using knowledge to empower contact center agents and drive self-service interactions. In delivering KM solutions to world-class contact centers and self-service operations for more than 15 years. . . . Posted July 05, 2011

Today's support executives are awash in an ocean of data. According to the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), on average, its members receive more than 51,000 support incidents across phone, email, Web chat and online outlets, every month! Each of these customer interactions are filled with critical information about your products and services that could be shared across your support organization. . . . Posted July 05, 2011

There are so many channels for customers to reach us, and so many ways in which to interact, that it is unclear whether the "contact center" or the "Web group" or the "marketing department" or the "salesforce" is in charge. Guess what. They all are, at any given point in the day or night. And each of these organizational groups has its own motives, its own directives and its own metrics for success. . . . Posted July 05, 2011

Boosts Web experience management capabilities Posted June 22, 2011

Technology and marketing alliance Posted June 06, 2011

Posted May 28, 2011

Acquires Springboard Research Posted May 16, 2011

Posted May 01, 2011

Interactive marketing from EPiServer Posted April 11, 2011

Launches SDL Tridion 2011 Posted February 02, 2011

No infrastructure lock-in Posted January 12, 2011

Posted January 07, 2011

Extend agreement for direct marketing solutions Posted January 05, 2011

Posted January 05, 2011

Captures sales intelligence Posted November 03, 2010

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