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Workload automation from ASG Software

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ASG Software has released Version 6.0 of its automated job scheduler. The company says ASG-Zeke 6.0 offers significant performance gains, database design and access enhancements, an improved security model and storage constraint relief.

ASG-Zeke permits automation of scheduling and deployment of workloads across mainframe and distributed systems, allowing business functionality to be delivered to users faster and more reliably, says ASG. The solutions can also help design, test and execute workload processes more effectively, while using fewer resources.

ASG highlights the following features of Version 6.0:

  • improvements in scheduling efficiency, reductions in I/O activity and increased performance;
  • reduction in common storage area (CSA) utilization through more efficient use of data spaces, freeing up the CSA for increased use by the system and other applications;
  • consistent security behavior; and
  • supportability improvements.

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