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Wisdom Ware unveils KM application

Wisdom Ware has released a new version of its Enterprise @nswer System (E@SY), a system designed to improve employee performance through "just-in-time" coaching. The system aims to simplify the capturing and sharing of mission critical knowledge among employees through quick reference, advice, and guidance for best practices, in order to sustain their competitive advantage.

E@SY Version 2.0 includes a new Knowledge Browser user interface, and a tighter integration with ERP, supply chain management, sales force automation (SFA) and customer management systems. Additional authoring functionality and remote authoring support help to enable and simplify the creation and maintenance of knowledge bases.

The previous version of E@SY focused on sales and marketing employees, according to Wisdom Ware Chief Executive Robert Schmonsees. The new version looks to take the KM message beyond that department by separating the knowledge management framework from the knowledge sharing and coaching application. As a result, users get the sales coaching solution as well "a complete scaleable knowledge management framework designed for sharing mission critical knowledge of every kind, across the enterprise," he said.

"E@SY Version 2.0 offers a new user interface which adds the 'sizzle to the steak,'" offered Mark Wilkinson, sales manager for Landmark Systems Corporation, a Wisdom Ware customer. "Our sales representatives are finding it much easier to navigate to the information, answers, and advice they need to close deals in less time.

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