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What's on their minds?

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Appinions (formerly Jodange) has launched a new software platform that enables a view of the opinions key influencers are expressing across the Web, social media and blogs. The company says the software is a suite of easily configurable, opinion-based applications based on a sophisticated opinion extraction and aggregation platform.

Appinions currently targets two markets: publishers and media companies on the Web, as well as brand managers, advertisers, marketers and other research organizations. Appinions is also introducing a number of downloadable online opinion apps that demonstrate how to harness the power of opinions and experience the next generation of Web content presentation:

  • Appinions Lens--automatically see opinions from across the Web relevant to topics found in any article;
  • Appinions Cubes--surface opinions based on any pre-selected topic such as WikiLeaks, energy or healthcare;
  • Appinions Heads--group opinions around popular themes such as Sports Appinions (players, teams and events) or Celebrity Appinions, which delivers the latest news and gossip about more than 1,600 celebrities; and
  • Appinions W3 for Politics--search for political opinions by keyword, topic or opinion holder for a quick understanding of who's saying what in the political landscape. Appinions W3 Politics can be configured to cover any topic or sector.

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