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Web sites made easy

Ektron has introduced CMS400.NET Version 6.0, a broad application for creating, deploying and managing interactive Web, intranet and extranet sites.

Ektron says its latest offering enables organizations to develop richer, more interactive sites and Web applications that communicate better with visitors, foster community, boost loyalty and attract more repeat visits, which can lead to increased business opportunities.

New features in Version 6 include:

• site analytics--understand and optimize Web, intranet and blog usage with built-in measurement, analysis and reporting;

• blogging—automate and control the blog posting process, including RSS syndication, pinging and trackbacks, as well as support for structured blogging and microformats to easily syndicate content across many sites;

• forums--create and manage discussion forums to encourage online community, provide customer service and increase communication between a site and its visitors or the visitors themselves;

• surveys, polls and content ratings--gain feedback from site visitors with built-in surveys, quick polls and ratings that allow readers to evaluate and comment on content, and see results displayed instantly;

• multisite management—use one interface and one installation of CMS400.NET to manage multiple sites and subsites and share content, workflow and publishing rules where appropriate;

• AJAX-enhanced search—improve visitors' search experience and help them find information quickly with AJAX-powered results; and

• multimedia asset management.

In addition to performance and other enhancements, CMS400.NET Version 6.0 introduces document management support for, the multiplatform, multilingual open source office suite, and Oracle Database 10g for storing site data.

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