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Vizit adds search and social features to SharePoint

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Vizit has released Version 4.0 of its namesake software. The latest iteration includes new visual search and social collaboration capabilities for SharePoint 2010.

Version 4.0 contains thumbnail previews to its Essential component, making it possible to place previews next to SharePoint lists and search results. The new version also includes Social eXchange (SX), which integrates social conversations with SharePoint content, workflow, records management and security. Social eXchange enables SharePoint users to highlight content and invite co-workers to engage in conversations. Social eXchange conversations take on the security and governance policies of the associated content. SharePoint workflows can also initiate Social eXchange conversations by sending out invitations to workgroups to share input on content placed in a SharePoint repository.

Along with Version 4.0, Vizit is releasing a fully documented Application Programming Interface (API), making it easier to integrate Vizit into a SharePoint implementation.

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