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Visual Sciences introduces new offerings

Visual Sciences (formerly known as WebSideStory) has launched HBX Analytics 4.0, as well as Technology Platform 5. The company reports the latest version of HBX delivers expanded e-commerce–related capabilities, including the ability to actively segment e-commerce order data, analyze product placement and report on multiple storefronts within one account. Further, it says, HBX Visual Workstation is now available as a new interface for historical and ongoing data collected by HBX Analytics, providing custom reporting, ad hoc analysis and industry-recognized interactive data visualization capabilities.

Visual Sciences’ Technology Platform 5 is described as a tera-scale, real-time analytics platform that serves as the foundation for Visual Sciences’ analytics applications, including Visual Site and Visual Call, and is also used by Visual Sciences’ clients to quickly deploy real-time analytics solutions tailored to their own requirements. Visual Sciences says Technology Platform 5 adds significant new features and benefits to its real-time analytics application platform, which include:

Performance. Platform 5 installations will typically experience a two to eight times improvement in query speeds over Platform 4.

Usability. Version 5 has added multilingual support and can display any foreign language.

Scalability. The new software leverages 64-bit hardware and also remains available in a 32-bit server version.

Granularity. Even the largest data dimensions can be loaded without truncation or loss.

Flexibility. Administrators can quickly and easily design visualizations with their own data schemas.

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