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Translation in real time from Lionbridge

Lionbridge has announced significant upgrades to GeoFluent, its real-time translation technology for enterprise social communities. The company reports community site visitors can instantly access user content in the English support forum in their own language and engage with other community members across geographies.

Lionbridge explains GeoFluent customers can:

  • improve organic search engine optimization—new content can be indexed in multiple languages, providing more non-English search results;
  • increase non-English call deflection—GeoFluent boosts community participation and utilization by allowing every visitor to read and post in his or her native language, reducing service calls;
  • leverage global “super users”—the software-as-a-service solution extends the experience and knowledge of subject matter experts across a global audience, regardless of language; and
  • preserve company branding--GeoFluent preserves key brand terms, names, glossary and nomenclature to guarantee accurate brand messaging regardless of the language into which the content is translated.

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