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The social contact center

Attensity, a pioneer in text analytics solutions for customer experience management (CEM), has launched a new version of Respond, its application said to be designed for the next-generation multichannel contact center.

Attensity reports Respond 5.1 gives contact centers the ability to:

  • blend social media with other customer engagement channels such as e-mail, SMS messages, chat and phone calls;
  • enable social media responders to transfer conversations "offline" into e-mails or SMS messages;
  • track cross-channel messages with a single interaction ticket and over time on the customer's record;
  • filter social, e-mail or other messages by channel, or route a blended queue with specific topics or products;
  • engage customers according to an organization's approved business processes;
  • use pre-approved templates to help agents engage with customers in social media;
  • automatically determine routing and prioritization through integration with Facebook, Twitter and various influencer metrics such as the Klout score; and
  • benefit from “big data” scalability to handle the high volumes of customer conversations generated in social media, as well as support for large numbers of distributed users.

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