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TEMIS introduces Luxid

TEMIS has unveiled Luxid, information discovery and knowledge extraction software designed to glean insight from unstructured data.

Built from the ground up on UIMA3, Luxid is said to:

  • accelerate discovery and fuel product innovation by providing domain knowledge and competitive insight through powerful analytics designed for R&D and market intelligence groups;
  • increase product quality and profitability through early warning detection in warranty claims;
  • enhance customer knowledge through sentiment analysis within customer-generated content;
  • increase intellectual property asset protection with automated patent analysis and monitoring;
  • ease the evaluation of freedom-to-operate around promising technologies, compounds or molecules;
  • produce smart content and support agile publishing through knowledge-centric metadata enrichment and content indexing.

To ease customer deployment, Luxid has been structured into three stackable software applications:

The Annotation Factory extracts high-value information from text.

The Information Mart administrative platform federates heterogeneous sources.

The Information Analytics module is a Web-based portal enabling information discovery on top of the Information Mart.

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