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Sitecore DAM from Picturepark

Digital asset management (DAM) provider Picturepark has announced the Picturepark DAM Connector for Sitecore, which gives Sitecore editors the ability to use Picturepark DAM systems to find and place digital assets onto websites. Picturepark and Sitecore are both built atop the Microsoft .NET framework, enabling Picturepark to build an integration that is fast and reliable, and will be easier to maintain as both products are updated. Picturepark says functionality of its Sitecore solution includes on-the-fly image editing, live link updates and adaptive metadata.

The Picturepark DAM Connector for Sitecore works exclusively from within Sitecore, enabling site editors to become productive with little or no training, the companies claim. Asset search, browse, preview and selection all occur from a single Sitecore window. Custom digital asset formats can be preconfigured specifically for use in Sitecore, and permitted users can use the Picturepark Image Editor to crop, scale or otherwise modify assets before they’re sent to Sitecore. Further, video and audio can be downloaded to Sitecore or streamed directly from Picturepark. Other file types, such as Microsoft Office and PDF can also be placed within Sitecore websites.

The Picturepark DAM Connector for Sitecore tracks which assets it has delivered, so when files and metadata are updated in Picturepark, fresh copies can be pushed to Sitecore manually or automatically. Additionally, “Smart” Picturepark folders can be created within the Sitecore Media Library. When Sitecore users browse these dynamic folders, they see live collections inside Picturepark. Assets are copied from Picturepark only when they’re placed on a website, so browse performance is fast and storage space isn’t wasted. In addition, static Media Library folders can be created to store handpicked collections.

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