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SharePoint 2013 keyword tagging from Pingar

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Pingar has released Metadata Extractor for SharePoint 2013, which can be installed and managed by individuals without administrative role access. Pingar says records managers, business analysts, content managers and e-discovery professionals can use Pingar tools to bring unstructured data into structured processes, making it easier to search, organize, analyze and sanitize large amounts of unstructured data.

Pingar Metadata Extractor for SharePoint 2013 is now available for download and includes a trial version that will extract metadata from hundreds of documents on a recurring basis. The Pingar Metadata Extractor for SharePoint 2013 installs directly into the SharePoint 2013 environment and can provide access via the cloud or via an on-premise installation. Pingar’s tools can also be integrated with an organization or industry’s proprietary taxonomies, to provide a higher level of document comprehension, ensuring that all applicable information is searched, saved and stored systematically, says the company.

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