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Semantic content enrichment from Temis

Temis has unveiled Luxid 6, a semantic tagging platform that automatically extracts relevant information (entities, topics, events, sentiments), identifies relationships residing in unstructured data and facilitates links between similar and related documents, the company says.

Temis says that to complement its existing semantic tagging techniques, Luxid 6 includes three approaches to content enrichment that are said to be capable of adapting to virtually any domain and use case:

  • Taxonomy Skill Cartridges streamline and accelerate the use of an existing taxonomy to rapidly enrich document assets;
  • Rule-Based Skill Cartridges capture domain experts' reasoning through an easy-to-use interface to immediately apply it to content; and
  • Machine-Learning Skill Cartridges replicate experts' tagging strategies after preliminary training on an annotated corpus.

Temis explains that the three new strategies accelerate deployments while simultaneously reducing their complexity by taking advantage of existing enterprise assets (i.e., taxonomies, domain knowledge and annotated corpus).

Luxid 6’s Content Enrichment Studio is an integrated suite of tools enabling the design and optimization of Skill Cartridges.

  • Knowledge Editor guides the quick and easy creation of annotators based on taxonomies and thesauri;
  • Annotation Workbench assesses and optimizes the quality of Skill Cartridges;
  • Category Workbench enables the rapid development of Skill Cartridges for auto-categorization projects; and
  • Skill Cartridge Builder helps define precise and powerful semantic extraction rules.

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