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Robust WCM

Percussion has announced the latest version of its Web content management system. The company reports Rhythmyx 6 is especially well suited for managing customer-centric content across multiple sites, multiple channels and multiple lines of business.

New enhancements include:

New custom user interfaces--The new Web services software development kit enables organizations to create custom user interfaces that sit on top of the Rhythmyx WCM Application and Core Services Layers, and deliver bundled content management capabilities customized for certain groups of users or custom views of content.

Web forms--This new capability allows Rhythmyx business users to design their own Web forms easily through a WYSIWYG editor that enables the user to drag and drop fields and labels onto the form.

Web Analytics--Rhythmyx 6's new Web analytics application will enable line of business users to tag Web content for analytics purposes and manage the process for use with analytics packages.

FastForward for WCM enhancements--FastForward is a content-driven application designed to speed implementation and deliver more functionality out-of-the-box.

Developer workbench--Based on the Eclipse Interface Framework, an extensible, open-source development platform and application framework, the workbench is said to speed deployment.

Enhanced assembly services--Version 6 introduces numerous enhancements to enable easier generation of dynamic sites, including dynamic query support via JSR 170, conditional processing support and namespace declaration.

New Velocity template language--Rhythmyx 6 adds Velocity, an easy-to-use template language that combines simple markup with formatting standards.

Core server performance and scalability enhancements--The improvements offer better scalability and improved performance and interoperability of the Rhythmyx server, thereby reducing the cost of ownership and/or deployment.

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