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Red Hat unveils Enterprise Linux 6.7

Red Hat has released the latest version of its Enterprise Linux 6 platform. The company says Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7 offers enterprise IT teams new capabilities to bolster system security, proactively identify and resolve business-critical IT issues and confidently embrace some of the latest open source technologies, such as Linux containers, without sacrificing operational stability.

Version 6.7 is designed to help prevent data leakage by allowing read-only mounting of removable media. In addition, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7 now includes the Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) Workbench, a tool that functions as a SCAP scanner and delivers tailored SCAP content functionality. SCAP Workbench, building upon existing SCAP functionality in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, allows customers to measure the compliance of their Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems against their own company-specific security guidelines and criteria.

To enhance the reliability of IT deployments, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7 is compatible with Red Hat Access Insights, a new hosted service designed to help customers proactively identify and resolve issues that could impact business operations. Red Hat Access Insights alerts IT administrators to potential problems, like configuration issues or vulnerabilities and provides a dashboard to help identify, understand and correct these issues before any disruption occurs.

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