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Real-time big data marketing from Sitecore

Sitecore has announced what it calls early access to the next generation of its customer experience management (CEM) platform, which includes the Sitecore Experience Database. The company describes the new offering as a highly scalable big data repository that collects and connects actionable customer data to deliver unique customer experiences in real time, allowing marketers to view the entire experience of every individual customer that engages with their brand through the Sitecore Experience Profile, which is also new.

The Experience Database is built on MongoDB and made available on Microsoft Azure. Further, Sitecore says, the Experience Database integrates seamlessly with the newly named Sitecore Experience Platform, (formerly Sitecore Customer Engagement Platform), collecting all online and offline experience data, from every customer interaction as it happens in the moment. The Sitecore Experience Database connects that data to a unique, individual person, enabling marketers to deliver authentic, conversational experiences in real time, the company says.

Sitecore describes the features of its Experience Database as:

  • Scalability and performance--NoSQL MongoDB is well suited to support high volumes of data at blinding speeds and has unlimited flexibility in the type of information that can be captured and stored.
  • Flexibility and fast deployment--With a flexible data model, the Sitecore Experience Database can run either on premise or in the cloud.
  • Native platform--The Sitecore Experience Database connects seamlessly with the Sitecore Experience Platform, providing a single source of customer intelligence that can power every interaction across every channel in real time.
  • Global capacity--For leading brands operating around the world, Sitecore delivers massive global data scale, combined with localized experience delivery.

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