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Real-time Web reporting from Symtrax

As an addition to its StarQuery 4 Suite, Symtrax has introduced StarQuery Web, which is designed to allow users to create and share real-time data in business reports any time through a Web interface, eliminating the need for additional spreadsheet software.

The company says the Web interface gives users only the fields and tables they need, allowing them to drag and drop fields directly into a report without requiring an understanding of SQL or database schemas. Reports can include drill down and drill sideways capabilities, facilitating both ad hoc and analytical reporting requirements.

Companies already employing the StarQuery Suite can use existing business views and can take advantage of the new Web reporting capabilities, as well as working directly in Excel. Further, Symtrax explains, new users can use the StarQuery Suite MapDesigner module to create views of their databases that users build upon to create their own queries. As is the case with other StarQuery modules, StarQuery Web permits simultaneous data retrieval from any combination of multiple databases, and deploys an “in-memory” feature that accelerates data retrieval rates and allows reporting against virtually any database, even those that are not fully SQL-compliant.

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