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Populate portlets

Kapow Technologies  has released Version 6.0 of its Web Integration platform, which is said to offer enterprise-level Web application integration through new advanced clipping capabilities, as well as Web 2.0-type integration, leveraging Web services, XML, SOAP, REST and other standards.

Kapow's platform allows the integration of any resource available on the Web to be deployed in Internet-intensive businesses and is used primarily in the areas of media, financial services, travel and manufacturing.

The company says Version 6.0 makes Web integration even easier by offering the following enhancements:

• enterprise-class visual clipping platform--the ability to visually define and generate portlets in as little as a few minutes;

• component clipping--the ability to clip different independent and interconnected sections of any given Web application and automatically generate a portlet;

• full-site clipping--the ability to continuously clip full Web sites including support for frames, pop-up screens and JavaScript, and to quickly define HTML elements that should appear in--or disappear from--the clip; and

• integration capabilities using new "Web 2.0" technologies such as consuming and producing Web services and integration using SOAP, XML and REST.

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