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Pilot Software scores two for business intelligence

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In a two pronged attack on delivering business intelligence, Pilot Software has unveiled Balanced ScoreCard, a horizontal tool for managers, and REBIS (Retail Enterprise Business Intelligence Suite), a vertical solution for the retail industry. Both will be available in July.

The Balanced ScoreCard (starting at about $50,000) is an enterprise tool that offers managers a picture of their business performance. As a window to this analysis, Balanced ScoreCard divides into four perspectives: financial, customer, internal and learning and growth.

Balanced ScoreCard measures performance in color-coded ranges of acceptance. Built-in analysis tools analyze trends and KPIs, compare benchmarks for different business units, and provide flexible reporting capabilities.

REBIS (starting at just under $100,000 based on configuration) is a five-module tool for analyzing the major areas of a retail enterprise. It includes Balanced ScoreCard, as well as packaged tools for analyzing and monitoring data for merchandising, operations, finance and sales and marketing.

REBIS is targeted at the retail market primarily out of need, according to Denis Pombriant, director of marketing for Pilot. "The number of decisions made in retailing is more than almost any other market," he said

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