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Pegasystems launches new version of marketing solution

Pegasystems has announced the latest iteration of it Next-Best-Action Marketing (N-B-A Marketing) solution, which has been engineered to provide real-time cross-sell, up-sell and retention opportunities, and to deliver up to a 400 percent increase in offer-conversion rates and double-digit increases in average revenue per customer, according to Pegasystems.

Pegasystems highlights the following features in N-B-A Marketing:

  • real-time, event-triggered actions—any action, whether taken by a customer or automatically triggered by a system, can initiate and deliver the most appropriate action, giving organizations a new level of control to deliver relevant actions;
  • group and B2B marketing capabilities—companies can best recommend actions that deliver the most value for a related group of individuals, including households and business-to-business-to-consumer relationships;
  • next-best-action for sales and service—companies can seamlessly drive product recommendations, cross/up-sell and retention offers directly within Pegasystems’ Customer Process Manager;
  • marketing program optimization—businesses can employ on-demand predictive analytics to better segment populations, forecast the cost and results of a given marketing program and simulate program execution; and
  • needs-based interactions—customers can be engaged in dynamic “what if” scenarios to match the best action to each customer’s specific current and future needs.

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