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Partnering for content optimization

Acrolinx and MadCap Software have joined forces to integrate their software. The companies say the combination helps writers to create technical content, such as manuals, knowledgebases and online help systems, and optimize it for consistency, grammar, terminology and tone of voice.

Writers with access to both products can use MadCap Flare to create their content and Acrolinx to improve it. The writer activates Acrolinx within the Flare user interface, which triggers Acrolinx to analyze the content, return a scorecard of the results and guide the writer to make improvements. The companies claim the result is content that is more findable, readable and engaging.

To use MadCap Flare and Acrolinx together, customers must deploy the latest release of each product: Acrolinx 4.0 and Flare 10.0. To complete the installation, customers must obtain the integration module from Acrolinx.

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