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Partnering across the pond

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Semantix, a KM company with offices in Quebec and Virginia, has announced a partnership with Netherlands-based Knowledge Concepts, a developer and supplier of linguistics software.

As part of the original equipment manufacturer agreement, the companies report, Semantix will incorporate Knowledge Concepts' Content Enabler, a morphological and semantic resource that supports six Western European languages, into its Information Retrieval and Query Enhancers product lines. Semantix says the integration will significantly enhance its cross-lingual and cross-repository information retrieval software, which is designed for both enterprise clients and various information retrieval software vendors.

Semantix reports its software is designed to streamline the flow of information across the enterprise by finding the shortest distance to critical information. Knowledge Concepts’ linguistic solutions are said to allow users to search knowledge repositories using their own language and knowledge skills, irrespective of the number of different languages in which the data is stored

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