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New Pitney Bowes Solution Aims to Enhance Customer Intelligence in the Digital Era

Pitney Bowes has introduced a new Single Customer View software solution to help organizations across a range of verticals and geographies gain a better understanding of their customers. According to the vendor, Single Customer View allows organizations to design, deliver, and evolve contextually-relevant views about a customer in real time across channels of engagement, whether the person is a consumer, organization, citizen, a patient, or someone attempting to commit fraud.

With the addition of data generated through mobile devices and social media chatter, customer information has increased rapidly in recent years, and, according to Pitney Bowes, organizations are addressing the volume, velocity and variety of big data. However, the company says, they still need to deal more effectively with the veracity of big data which can impact their ability to create relevant customer experiences as well as affect their ability to mitigate risk.

Pitney Bowes asserts that many organizations still lack the ability to enhance their customer understanding beyond the information in their CRM system or e-commerce interactions. With the new offering, it seeks to help clients link fragmented knowledge about a customer across systems of records, insights, and interactions, and offer the ability to add new context to existing customer profiles in order to uncover actionable insights.

The new solution leverages the Spectrum Technology Platform v11, the delivery platform of Pitney Bowes’ customer analytics and master Data Management capabilities. Spectrum v11 introduced big data cleansing and big data matching capabilities, which allow the processing of data quality checks to move directly inside Hadoop and Spark-based environments, giving organizations tools to derive insights from these platforms with a more complete view of customer information.

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