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Net-It unveils new document publishing software

Net-It Software has released a new version of its Net-It Central document publishing software. Version 2.6 is the first product that allows users to view PDF files on corporate intranets without the need for the Adobe Acrobat plug-in. A Professional edition of the new version also includes a CentralTools Property Manager, which provides administrators complete control over document properties at the site, folder or document level. "The PDF format lets us archive AutoCAD, Excel, and a variety of other files in one format, but we need to put this information on the intranet as well," said Murray Thomson, IS Manager at Klohn-Crippen Consultants. Net-It Central Version 2.6 "is the first effective solution we've seen for delivering PDF files on the intranet. It lets us use the right technologies in the right places without any extra effort." The new version addresses the burden shouldered by IS management and end-users in managing and loading the plug-ins required for intranet and Internet access, according to Net-It marketing VP Steve Knowles. "By eliminating plug-ins, Net-It Central 2.6 removes this barrier between people and the information they need." Net-It Central Version 2.6 will be available for download from the company's Web site by the end of June. Pricing is $6,995 per server for a Standard Edition and $9,995 per server for the Professional Edition.

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