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MetaVis delivers new SharePoint administration capabilities for Office 365

MetaVis Technologies has unveiled new SharePoint and analytic features for Office 365, targeted to help customers better manage, secure and control their content in the cloud. Using a single interface, SharePoint administrators have access to centralized reporting and actionable management to gain valuable insights about their SharePoint farms or Office 365 tenancies for improved decision-making and governance.

MetaVis reports new capabilities to its administration platform include:

  • Centralized SharePoint reporting--bundled with a collection of prominent reports, customizable dashboards consolidate the management of site collections, site and list settings, configuration and permissions, allowing SharePoint administrators to see key information about their environments from a single view;
  • Predict SharePoint growth and plan accordingly--identify trends in your SharePoint environment to understand growth patterns such as site activity, user activity, data growth, user adoption and data size;
  • Business intelligence--monitor user activity to gain insights about valuable content and learn which information is least valuable and who is accessing documents the most;
  • Take action—make decisions based on information learned from the reports using intuitive menu options to maintain or enforce governance and policies across a SharePoint environment;
  • Manage security and permissions--understand permission inheritance across your SharePoint lists and sites in order to identify security and accessibility issues and take the required actions to ensure that security permissions align with governance policies; and
  • Organize SharePoint—maintain environment organization with the most relevant and used content by analyzing and identifying dormant or inactive sites as well as old or unused content.

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